the “Hydravion Club de Monaco” also “HCM”

– or Seaplane Club of Monaco, is an association, whose head office is located in
Monaco, 23 avenue Hector Otto

By decision of the Board of Directors, the HCM aims to:

  • Bring together professional and amateur enthusiasts practicing the hull or float plane and amphibious helicopter, on Monegasque territory and in the neighboring French municipalities
  • Promote the exchange and organization of events (festivals, fly-in / fly-out, air shows) with seaplane clubs around the world, current, modern, commemorative, ceremonial and historical seaplane groups, military or Civil Security, commercial or private, electric or piston
  • Represent the Principality of Monaco, participate as a Club and involve our Monegasque Members, residents, and visitors in international seaplane events
  • Reinstate, after an absence of more than a century in the Principality, the events of the famous Jacques Schneider Maritime Aviation Cup of 1912-14, a seaplane competition in Monaco
  • Ensure exchange and coordination with the Prince’s Government: the “Direction de l’Aviation Civile”(DAC), the “Direction des Affaires Maritimes”(DAM), the “Division de Police Maritime et Aéroportuaire de la Direction de la Sûreté Publique”; as well as legal entities governed by private law: the “Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco”(SEPM) and the “Yacht Club de Monaco”(YCM).